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Web beacon - Wikipedia

Valid in this case means that the address is actually in use, that the email has made it past spam filters, and that the content of the email is actually viewed. To some extent, this kind of email tracking can be prevented by configuring the email reader software to avoid accessing remote images.

Examples of email software able to do this include the Gmail , Yahoo!

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However, since beacons can be embedded in email as non-pictorial elements, the email need not contain an image or advertisement or anything else related to the identity of the monitoring party. This makes detection of such emails difficult. One way to neutralize such email tracking is to disconnect from the Internet after downloading email but before reading the downloaded messages.

Note that this assumes one is using an email reader that resides on one's own computer and downloads the emails from the email server to one's own computer. In that case, messages containing beacons will not be able to trigger requests to the beacons' host servers, and the tracking will be prevented. But one would then have to delete any messages suspected of containing beacons, or risk having the beacons activate again once the computer is reconnected to the Internet.

The only way to completely avoid email tracking by beacons is to use a text-based email reader such as Pine or Mutt , or a graphical email reader with purely text-based HTML capabilities such as Mulberry. These email readers do not interpret HTML or display images, so their users are not subject to tracking by email web beacons. Plain-text email messages cannot contain web beacons because their contents are interpreted as display characters instead of embedded HTML code, so opening such messages does not initiate any communication.

Some email readers offer the option to disable all HTML in every message thus rendering all messages as plain text , and this too will prevent tracking beacons from working.

How cookies track you around the web and how to stop them

More recently, many email readers and web-based email services have moved towards not loading images when opening a hypertext email that comes from an unknown sender, or that is suspected to be spam email. The user must explicitly choose to load images. But of course beacons can be embedded in non-pictorial elements of a hypertext email.

Web beacons can also be filtered out at the server level so that they never reach the end user. MailScanner is an example of gateway software that can neutralize email tracking beacons for all users of a particular server. It does this by sending tracking information back to the beacon's host server after the user has navigated away from the webpage.

Use of the Beacon API allows tracking without interfering with or delaying navigation away from the site, and is invisible to the end-user.

Research into website tracking

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the web tracking technique. For bugs in web software, see software bug.

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